Turkey's Gold Production

The fast pace of growth in the Turkish gold sector cannot be more evident than through its gold production output over the last 9 years.  "Turkey now leads gold production in Europe"where the country produced 31 tonnes of gold from its 7 active gold mines in 2014.  Turkey now leads production in Europe and the predicted output will thrust Turkey towards its aspiration of becoming a future global leader in gold.

The sector has seen a large influx of foreign investment, often in partnership Turkish and foregin companies are now joining forces to develop new mining operations in the country.

Turkey has also continued to encourage and foster growth in its exploration sector, as this ultimately holds the key to Turkey's future prominence as a top gold producing nation.

Turkey is aiming for 50 tonnes of production in 2015 which would place it amongst the world's top 15 producers.

Total gold production = 200.2 tonnes from 2001-2014


Turkish Gold Production in 2014

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