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Turkish Gold Interview Dr Kerim Sener

Jan Skoyles interviews Dr. Kerim Sener of Ariana Resources

Jan Skoyles interviews Dr. Kerim Sener of Ariana Resources where they discuss the gold business and trade in Turkey. Learn more about Ariana Resources : http://www.arianaresources.com/ .  Sponsored by MiningMaven

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Istanbul Refinery Gold Bars - Mined by Ariana Resources

Turkey: Gold in Action

Turkey, perhaps better than anywhere else, illustrates the broad role gold can play in modern society. Gold is embedded in Turkish life: merchants pioneered the use of gold coins in ancient Lydia and, today, gold plays an important and innovative role in Turkey’s economy. Turkey has a small but growing gold mining industry which generates jobs, tax revenue and investment. Fabrication, consumption and recycling boost the economy. And policymakers have started to mobilise gold, drawing it from “under-the-pillow” and into the heart of Turkey’s financial system.

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Mines and Money Turkey Summit 2014

TGMA Presentation Mines and Money Summit 2014

"A History of Gold Mining in Turkey over the last three decades" was presented by Ümit Akdur, President, Turkish Gold Miner’s Association to delegates attending the inaugural Mining Investment Summit between the 27th and 30th January 2014. The summit included many of the regions’ key mining figures, from both industry and government.

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Istanbul Refinery Gold Bars - Mined by Ariana Resources

Record levels of Turkey’s gold production expected in 2010

As gold production levels in Turkey continue to increase steadily every year, a report prepared by the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources has noted that while total gold production in Turkey was 11.1 tons in 2008, this amount is expected to rise to 20 tons in 2010.


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